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Using the HAA to send email to class members[edit]

This page has information about sending email to your classmates through the HAA. Your class secretary can also request a listing of your class with emails, once a year.

Images in HAA email[edit]

Images can be included but must have a URL to embed them into an email (they don’t need to be viewable on a website, but must be available on a publicly viewable server.) Most class websites can host this. There are also free public sites that can host pictures for you.

How should messages be formatted to be sent through the HAA?[edit]

With the current HAA tools they have to reformat messages before they can be sent. Formatted text in a word document is best, they still have to edit them, but pulling from an email, apparently, loses more formatting.

Who can request that emails be sent>[edit]

No, the CACs are not recognized proxies for sending broadcast emails. Class secretaries are able to request we send broadcast emails to the class (or subset thereof). Two exceptions exist with regularity: Reunion chairs and Class Report Book chairs have proxy in the lead up to a Reunion.

The HAA's broadcast email policy is currently (11/27/09) under review. At the moment the Clubs have one person at the club able to send emails to their constituents, and there are limitations on the number, distribution constituents, etc. The HAA doesn't have a formal policy even for the Class Secretaries at this point, but hopes to develop something as new software technologies are implemented to make the process less burdensome.

Form for requesting a mailing[edit]

Here are copies two forms for use in requesting email or mail services from the HAA:

Pdf_icon.png Email request form Info_circle.png

Pdf_icon.png Email and mail request form Info_circle.png

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