40th Reunion Major Event Summary

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This spreadsheet presents an overview of choices made by recent 40th reunion classes for their major events.

Xls_icon.png Spreadsheet comparing the last 5 40th reunions Info_circle.png

Friday Evening
1966 1965 1964 1963 1962
October 6, 2006 October 28, 2005 October 15, 2004 October 24, 2003 September 27, 2002
Type of Event buffet dinner (limited seating) buffet dinner (limited seating) buffet dinner (using the servery) buffet-Oktoberfest Theme (limited seating) buffet
Location Faculty Club Harvard Museum of Natural History Currier House Commander's Mansion Harvard Museum of Natural History
Venue Cost $2,950 $2315 (with parking) n/a $2,075 $2,000
Caterer in house catering Crimson Catering Crimson Catering Crimson Catering Jules Catering
Food Cost (per person) $52.71 $48.46 (incl tables and linens) $38.25 $42.95 $47.58
Beverage Cost (per person) n/a; cash bar $3.78 (open bar beer & wine) $6.33 (full open bar) $4.67 (open bar beer & wine) $11.05 (limited full bar on consumption)
Entertainment Cost $700 (HR Veritones) n/a $400 (Radcliffe Pitches) $800 (Oompah Band) n/a
Misc. Charges (floral, etc.) n/a n/a n/a $1,079.55 (floral), $2,095 (tent rental), $210 (chair rental) n/a
Attendance 315 375 240 270 245
Capacity relative to number of rooms rented 300 or less is most comfortable 250 200 300 is comfortable
Total Event Cost $20,553.65 $21,905 $11,099.20 $19,116.95 $16,364.35
Total Per Person Cost $65.25 $56.41 $46.25 $70.80 $66.79
Amount Charged to Attendees $85 $75 $75 $150 (FULL day Friday Price) no individual event pricing for the reunion
Comments not enough seating but that is easily fixed very limited seating, not adequate for the size of the group, a little tough to navigate the venue great venue but the group JUST fit, tough to "dress up" the dining hall this event could have been great if it was set up better. ie: more chairs, put the buffet in the largest room not the band; too cold to have people in a tent