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To add an article to the front page go to:

Joomla->Content->Article Manager

Here, you can either create a new article for the front page or click on an existing article that you would like to add to the front page. You actually add it to the front page by clicking on the star icon in the "Featured" column. Once you click on the icon it will turn blue to indicated that the article is featured and displayed on the front page.

Once the article is on the front page you control it's position by using the Article Manager: Featured Articles at Joomla->Content->Featured Articles. When you first get to the Featured Article Manager the word "Ordering" appears by itself in the title bar. If you click on it then two additional icons appear (a pyramid and a floppy disk). Also, small arrows appear next to the individual articles. Now you can click on the arrows to move the articles up and down. Once you've got them in the order you like, click on the floppy disk to save the ordering.

The first article on the front page is the full width of the available space. Subsequent articles appear in a two-column format. Usually they will split the available space, but if one of them contains an item (such as a photograph) that is wider than the column, it will hog extra space.

You can change this arrangement, if you like, by going to the Article Manager and clicking the "Options" icon in the icon bar at the top of the page. Once you are in the options go to the "Blog / Featured Layouts" tab.

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