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To put an Rss feed on your site such as the 2 in the right hand column above:

  1. Go here and download Slick Rss. . Remember where you put it as you will need to upload it to your Joomla administrative area.
  2. Go into the administrative area of your site.
  3. Go to Extensions/Install/Uninstall. Browse files in the Upload Package File option and highlight the Slick Rss file that you just downloaded. Click upload file and install.
  4. Go to Extensions/Module Manager. Find something called Slick Rss. Open it. Change the title to what you want. Choose the position. (I put mine on the right). Choose the access level. (I set mine for restricted).
  5. Under Menu Assignment choose your homepage. This will make the rss feed appear in the right column of your homepage.
  6. Set your module parameters. First put in the RSS URL. ( I used for Harvard Current News and for Crimson Current News but it could be any RSS feed URL.Then set what information you want displayed. For mine I chose no feed title, yes feed description, no feed image. To save space I also selected no item description text or image.
  7. When you are back on the Module Manager screen it will appear with the other items that are in the right column. You can pick its order by using the arrows in the order column.

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