Careers in Service to Humanity

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Geoff Lister - spent career as a nurse to the dying. has developed a program and has sent me the text. willing to give a talk on the subjectd
Edward Todd - caregiver
Janis Richter - social work - non-profit advocacy for better funding and services for children
Anne Robertson - psychologist, researcher, Abt Associates, evaluating programs for low income families and children
Michael McClintock - retired to become a nurse
Joseph Paul Ozawa - clinical psychologist and a minister to the poor in 25 countries
Dana Quitslund - working with Oxfam
Carol Rapaport Monteleoni - speech and language pathologist Lenox Hill Hospital, works to reduce medically futile treatments for dying patients
Ingrid Olsen Tjenvold - child welfare law attorney
Ted Hammett - VP, Principal Associate. Abt Associates, works on HIV/AIDS prevention principally in Vietnam and China

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