Feature List for Outstanding Class Web Sites

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This page is a list of features that we'd like to have readily available for all class web sites. Please ad/edit features. Comments/questions go on the 'discussion' page.

  • List of individuals planing to attend upcoming reunions. With an indication of which ones have registered.
  • Schedule for upcoming reunion.
  • Ability for classmates to upload photographs, and gallery software to display them. (They will probably need to be moderated before display.)
  • Log in facility to protect certain pages. Some classes have done this in a way that also captures email addresses. Ideally we should be able to log in through post.harvard.edu and have access to classmates email addresses separately. The log in through post.harvard.edu is available if you have access to server-side scripting.
  • Ability to survey classmates. '71 has used Survey Monkey for this.
  • Ability to sell merchandise. If we got several classes together then we might find a supplier to handle fulfillment/credit-card processing for us. The Harvard Coop partners with classes to provide class insignia merchandise. The Coop handles all the details and pays the class a commission based on sales. Contact Allan Powell (aepowell@thecoop.com) at the Coop for more information.
  • List of classmates web sites (business and personal) and a way for classmates to add their sites themselves.
  • Ability for classmates to post news and events directly without going through the webmaster
  • Ability for classmates to send "blind" e-mail messages to one another.
  • Ability to display classmate's publications, web pages, creative works (including digital images, audio, and video), and current activities.