Feedback from Reunion Participants

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Best Reunion Events Ever:[edit]

1. My best reunion event happened by accident at a Kennedy School reunion. For reasons beyond my control, I found myself the only person standing when someone clanged a glass to get the attention of a 100 person room. Caught like a deer in headlights, all I could muster was to welcome everyone and introduce my friend who clanged his glass ("by accident", he claimed later). He then proceeded to make a couple of generic remarks and introduced a third individual that everyone knew would be ready to speak extemporaneously. Jim then fulfilled this mission for a few minutes and, in a flash of brilliance, introduced a FOURTH person he wanted to hear from. Thus this continued for about 45 minutes with about 15 participants and one of the most engaging reunion experiences ever.

MORAL: Leave time for spontaneity. Another Moral: Figure out ways for classmates to share with each other outside of structured events.