Getting access to the system

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There are two sections to your site: The front end, which is what the regular users see and the back end, which is where you manage the site.

You access the front end by going to your base url (, for example). Once there, you can log in as the administrator using the user id and password supplied to you when your site was set up. Once you get started you will presumably register as a regular user and will be able to log in using that user id and password as well.

You access the back end by going to your base url with "/administrator" added (, for example) and logging in using the same admin account id you used on the front end.

In the rest of this documentation we use the notation Joomla->Content->Article Manager to tell you to log in to the back end (Joomla); select the Content menu item from the top menu (Content); select the Article manager menu item from the drop down menu.

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