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Lou Dobbs - CNN
Gary Glick - 7 years in Kong Kong, credit director, Consumer Finance Group - AIG
Karen Hagstrom Johnson - economist, Fed Reserve Board of Governors
Fred Davis - attorney in Paris, running a litigation practice in Europe, taught international dispute resolution at HLS
Michelle Rich White - economist
Phillip Kaplan - attorney in Paris
Robert Willig - economics professor, Princeton
Frederick Jennings - economist
Robert Samuelson - economics journalist - a contributing editor of Newsweek, has written a column for The Washington Post since 1977. His column generally appears on Wednesdays.
Charlie Kimball - trained young analysts in Japan, 1987-90, he's now the Chief Research Consultant for China Merchants Bank in Shenzhen, China
James Thomas Dakin - lighting engineer for GE, works on projects around the world

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