How to Organize a Class Web page

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How to Organize a Class Web Page[edit]

A class web page is an excellent place to post class and reunion announcements. Any information that could be included in a newsletter could be posted could be posted on a class web page for a fraction of the cost. Classmates can then visit the page to get updates on class activities. Class web pages provide an interactive forum for classmates to keep in touch with each other and remain updated on class news and events.

In response to the demand for Club and Class web pages, Harvard created an on-line web page template that is accessible via Post.Harvard under both the Clubs and Classes sections. An easy-to-follow tutorial guide can be obtained from the HAA that will guide you through the steps necessary to creating a web page. If you are unfamiliar with the Internet and HTML, no need to worry. The Class Web Site Template User’s Guide will easily tell you everything you need to know.

If you complete your web site and still have questions concerning building your own Club or Class page, you can contact the Post.Harvard webmaster, Tracy McMahon, by e-mail at or by phone at 617-495-8183 for more information.

NOTE: More current information is available at: Webmasters Corner