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Key Features of the Template[edit]

Here's a list of key features provided by the template. Remember that you don't have to use them all; they are easy to turn on and off!

  • User registration and password protection of the site;
  • User contact data can be displayed (or not) and edited;
  • Google map showing where registered users live;
  • Photo gallery that allows you to conveniently group and display photographs;
  • Simple forum for user discusssion;
  • Users can email each other without the recipients email address being displayed;
  • Sticky messages allow you to greet users with a prominent message;
  • Search facility to find that page you once saw but can't find again;
  • Lists of all registered users and lists of people who plan to attend a reunion;
  • Easy, flexible control of the content for the Webmaster.

The benefit of using the template is that you can get up and running quickly without having to reinvent a whole lot of wheels. Furthermore, since other people are using the same software, we will build a community of users who can help each other.

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