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Kunena is buletin board software that replaces Nice Talk. I will update this page with how-to information when I revise the help files for the new Joomla 1.7 configuration. (WHB 10/10/11)

Kunena Latest is a module that allows you to display a box on your home page (or any other page) that contains the latest posts to your Forum. The category filters for Kunena Latest are confusing and I'm documenting them here, before writing proper documentation, just so I won't forget what they mean.

The filter options in Kunena Latest are:

  1. All/None with the choice of '0' or one or more of the topics in your Forum.
  2. Category Filter with the choices "Show categories" and "Hide categories".

These options interact in unexpected ways. The 'Category Filter' modifies the All/None selection. So, for example, if you select '0' in All/None and 'Show Categories in Category Filter, you have effectively chosen the categories None (0) modified by 'Show Categories' so no post are displayed.

If you change the Category Filter selection to 'Hide Categories' then you have chosen the categories None (0) modified by 'Hide categories', which turns out to mean all categories and you posts display.

Perhaps that could have been made more confusing, but I'm not sure how :)

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