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You control access to the various components of Joola by setting the "Access Level" field. Three values are available:

  • Public
  • Registered
  • Special

Public means that the item is available to all users.

Registered means that the item is available to any registered user.

Special means that the item is only available to administrators or authors (and above).

Menus and Menu Items[edit]

You have to distinguish between making a menu visible and making the individual menu items visible. If the menu is visible, then you will see the menu heading in the menu bar but there won't be any items in the menu unless you have also made them visible. Similarly, if you make a menu item public, you still won't see it unless the menu itself is public.

To make a menu visible[edit]

Joomla->Extensions->Module Manager

On the Module Manager screen you will find your menu listed as a module. Click on the Access Level to change it. The access level cycles through the three available values.

To make a menu item visible[edit]

Joomla->Menus->Your menu

This will display a list of the menu items on your menu. Click the Access Level for a menu item to change it.

Remember to make your content public[edit]

Finally, you have to make whatever the menu item points at public. So if you are making the Classmates/In Memoriam page public, you need to go to Joomla->Content->Article Manager, select the In Memoriam article and make it Public.

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