Medical Advances or Retreats

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Harvey Fineberg - President, Institute of Medicien, National Academy of Sciences, Former Provost, Dean of School of Public Health [| bio]
Nancy Wexler -
Julie Currie Miller - biomedical researcher. Head of bioinformatics NY State Institute for Brain research in developmental disabilities
Richard Ehrenberg - epipemiologist, CDC
Sharon Goldring Levine - [physician, executive at large integrated health delivery system
Garner Haupert - Physician, scientist - Masss General Hospital. Important research on brain hormones. Hold several patents.
Denny Ausiello - Chief of Medicine, Mass General Hospital
Michael Epstein - exec CP and COO, Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital - may be out of the country in October
Ernest Kelvin Manders - Surgeon / Entrepreneur - tissue expansion specialist - he designed devices used around the world and invented a way to store human skin at room temperature (gamma graft) - saved many lives in Iraq. GammaGraft is a wound dressing that needs no special storage or preparation and can be used in any clinical setting – including the battlefield. GammaGraft was used recently on patients in Iraq. One report from the front said this: “Those grafts were literally a life saver on more than one occasion.”
Arnie Milstein - phsycian, managing director, helath care consulting group - leading expert on controlling cost and quality in health care [| see bio]
Julianne Ruth Howell - Health care consultant on Kerry's staff, now working for Medicare
Susan Smith Ellenberg - professor of biostatistics at Penn Medical Center after 22 years with NIH and FDA
James Seubold - 30 yrs solo practice in internal medicine, disenchantment with outside agencies

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