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To create a new menu go to:

Joomla->Menus->Menu Manager

and click on the "New" icon in the top right.

The "Title" is the title that Joomla will use when it displays your menu.

The "Menu Type" must be a single-word unique name of your chosing that identifies the menu.

The "Description" is a brief phrase that will appear in the back-end menu manager.

Once you have created and saved the new menu, you must add a module to handle the menu. You do this on the Joomla->Menu Manager page. There, you will see your new menu and you need to click on the "Add a module for this menu" link. This brings up the Module Manager:Module Menu definition page.

In the Module Menu definition, enter a title; select the position as 'left'; set access to Public or Registered depending on who you want to be able to see the menu; you should also expand the "Advanced Options" on the right of the page and enter "_menu" in the Module Class Suffix - no quotes. This controls the formatting of the menu items. Finally click the "Save & Close" icon.

At this point your new menu exists but it will not be displayed until you add a menu item to it.

You will probably want to change the ordering of the menus. You can do so from Joomla->Extensions->Module Manager by clicking on your module and changing the "Ordering" field.

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