Notes on Joomla 1.5 compatibility

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Joomla 1.6 has dropped the ability to run pre-1.5 components in "compatibility mode." This means that any component that we expect to use on Joomla 1.6 must be "1.5 Native". Here's the status of the components we use:

  • GMaps Pro 2.0 RC2 is compatible with 1.5, I've installed this version and it's buggy. Dropped back to version 1 and modified it to work with Joomla 1.5.
  • Event List. Current version works with 1.5 in native mode.
  • Expose Prive - only in legacy mode - Have modified to work in 1.5
  • Nice Talk - legacy only - no development - Have modified to work in 1.5
  • Sticky Message Pro - latest version is 1.7.7 (which is installed) and is 1.5 native
  • CB Mailing - we've edited so heavily we will have to deal with it. Version we are on is 1.5 native and our changes work ok.
  • Google Analytics Bridge - 1.5 native
  • CB Photo Gallery - 1.5 compatible, we are on 1.2 RC2, which is the latest
  • Alternate Home works in 1.5 Native
  • All Links works in 1.5 Native
  • Login Redirect works in 1.5 Native
  • Add yourself to the reunion attendees fails. Fixed, minor changes to db access.
  • Summary reunion list is ok
  • HAA Reunion Mgr admin fails. Made minor changes to db access.
  • HAA Reunion CB plugin is ok

These components are all running in 1.5 native. This required some pretty heavy editing in Expose Prive/GMaps/Nice Talk. I've tested them all but I very much doubt that I've exercised all of the paths through the code. There could well be further problems.

NOTE: There are a number of admin features that don't work with IE 9. This is not a function of 1.5. If you click the "Compatibility View" button in IE 9, then it works ok.

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