Notes on Joomla 1.6 compatibility

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There are major changes between Joomla 1.5 and 1.6. Here's the status of the components we use:

  • Community Builder 1.4 is compatible with 1.6.
  • Upgraded GMaps Pro 1.0 to work with Joomla 1.6.
  • Event List. Beta version 1.0.2 works in 1.6.
  • Expose Prive - only in legacy mode - Have modified to work in 1.6.
  • Nice Talk - legacy only - no development - Have modified to work in 1.5. We can no longer get licenses for this so we are switching to Kunena, which is 1.6-compatible.
  • Sticky Message Pro - Modified to run in 1.6.
  • CB Mailing - we've edited so heavily we will have to deal with it. Version we are on is 1.5 native and our changes work ok. Modified to work in 1.6.
  • Google Analytics Bridge - 1.5 native. Modified xml/php to work in 1.6. May be able to copy j16_extensions record. Preserve configuration files.
  • Google Verify. Modified xml. Works fine in 1.6
  • CB Photo Gallery - 1.5 compatible, we are on 1.2 RC2, which is the latest. Works in 1.6 Can copy photo data..
  • Alternate Home works in 1.5 Native. Modified xml, works in 1.6
  • All Videos works in 1.5 Native. Working in 1.6.
  • Login Redirect works in 1.5 Native. Works in 1.6
  • Add yourself to the reunion attendees fails. Fixed, minor changes to db access. Updated for 1.6.
  • Summary reunion list is ok. Updated for 1.6.
  • HAA Reunion Mgr admin fails. Made minor changes to db access. Updated for 1.6
  • HAA Reunion CB plugin is ok. Works ok in 1.6

All of the components we are intending to use going forward are now working in 1.6. We still need to test them thoroughly since there is a lot of new/modified code here.

Also we need to develop a conversion program to migrate the existing sites onto the new version. This will be a fairly complicated process.

NOTE: There are a number of admin features that don't work with IE 9. This is not a function of 1.5. If you click the "Compatibility View" button in IE 9, then it works ok.

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