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The WikiChair’s job is to facilitate use of the HAABestPractices wiki. Since this is a new job, we need to work out how best to do this. Please add your experience to this page. Here are some suggestions to get us started:

  • Make sure that the members of your committee know about the wiki and how to access it. Be sure to tell them that they are free to contribute new material or to edit existing material.
  • Give a quick tour of the wiki and what’s available. (Perhaps your HAA staff contact could arrange for a computer and projector at the meetings?}
  • Wiki editing can look intimidating. Give people a short demo and hand out a “how to get started” page.
  • Point out that the pages can be used to communicate within the committee.
  • Make sure the meeting schedule is posted. Also post the agenda for each meeting prior to the meeting.
  • At the wrap-up meeting after the reunion encourage people to add their experience and tips to the site.
  • If somebody on your committee does an unusually good job then ask them to write it up as a case study; if you have a problem then make a note of it so other people can learn from your experience.


At the moment anyone can create an account on the HAA Best Practices wiki and, once they have an account they can create or edit articles. If we run into problems with unwanted edits then we may move the site behind the login.