Fall Reunion Format and Schedule

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Suggested Reunion Schedule[edit]



6:00 PM +/- Opening Reception - Early evening meet and greet, usually on-campus location


8:00 AM Registration
9:00 AM Audit Classes and/or Campus and Museum Tours and/or Symposia
12:00 PM Lunch in the Houses
2:00 PM Memorial Service and/or Symposia
Evening Cocktails and Buffet or any other entertainment that encourages mingling.


Morning Public Service Project, Class Meeting, Speaker from University Administration/Faculty, Class Symposium, and/or Memorial Service
Noon Luncheon/Picnic
Afternoon Football Game and/or Tours and/or other
Afternoon Possible Radcliffe gathering and/or mini-reunions
Evening Buffet Dinner with dancing or entertainment of some kind


Morning Memorial Service and/or Brunch