How to add non-user attendees

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You will probably be confronted by the situation where classmates have indicated that they plan to attend the reunion but have not registered for the Web site. You can add them to your site as follows:

  • Go to the Community Builder User Manager: Joomla->Components->Community Builder->User managment;
  • Click the green 'new' icon;
  • On the Profile tab enter the following information:
    • First name: Classmate's first name;
    • Last name: Classmate's last name;
    • Email: A unique email address. I used the classmate's Harvard ID with at the end;
    • Username: A unique username. I used the classmate's Harvard ID;
    • Password: Any password over 6 characters with alphanumeric characters. I used the Harvard ID + 'p';
    • Verify password: the same password
    • Group: 'Public Front-end' <----- IMPORTANT. This is what distinguishes non-users.
  • On the 'Administrator Info' tab enter the following information:
    • nth Reunion: 1 for hope/plan to attend, 2 for registered.
    • Advance ID: Harvard ID (not required)
    • Dummy registrant: 1 <---- Will not show up in the lists without this.
  • Click the 'Save' icon.

The user will show up in the reunion attendees list without a link to a profile.

Eventually I hope to create a more convenient way to enter this information, but this works for the moment.

Remember that if they subsequently register for the site, you will want to delete the dummy record.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The instructions above suggest using your classmate's Harvard ID. The HAA has indicated that this is sensitive, confidential information. I have assigned each of my classmates a unique ID of my own devising. I use that in place of the Harvard ID. If you want help with this, let me know.

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