Selecting users to email with CBMailing

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We ship the template with five built-in lists:

  • All users
  • Classmate Web Sites
  • Reunion Attendees
  • Prior Reunion Attendees
  • Super Administrators

You can define a wide range of other lists using the CB List Manager at Joomla->Components->Community Builder->List Manager.

Once you have a list that selects the users you want to mail, go to CB Mailing at Joomla->Components->CBMailing->Send mailing. The screen displays the source lists of users in your database and at least one destination list in the PHPList application.

To make a mailing, you select the source list and the destination list and click the "Send to PHPList" icon in the top right. CBMailing will then update the list of users in PHPList with all of the users in your site database and create the destination list with just the users selected by your source list. If all goes well you will see a message that says: "List created with nn addressees" where nn is the number of emails that will be sent.

You should be careful not to reuse a destination list before the last mailing it was used for has been completed. For example, you might send one email to the classmates who have registered for the reunion and another to classmates who haven't registered. You should use separate destination lists for this. It may take a while for all the emails on one list to actually be processed and you don't want to disturb the list until that has happened.

You can create new destination lists by clicking the "New list" icon in the top right.

After you have selected your users and transferred them to PHPList, you will complete the mailing in PHPList.

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