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== Layout ==
== Layout ==
== How to load images ==
== How to load images ==

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At the moment we are using ExposePrive to display photograph albums. ExposePrive is based on Adobe Flash, which presents a number of problems. Flash has been plagued by security issues and it is based on a closed format that is proprietary to Adobe. As a result, fewer and fewer web sites are using Flash; Adobe has announced that it will stop updating Flash after December 2020 and Google has announced that Chrome will not support Flash after the same date. Furthermore, it is a big nuisance to view Flash content at the moment. In order to do so with Chrome you have to give permission to each Web site to run Flash, and you have to do so each time you visit the site.

In order to escape these problems, I have substituted a different Joomla extension for ExposePrive. The new extension is Sigplus and this page will supply instructions for using Sigplus.



How to load images

Album page

Album list page