Career Changes - "And for my next act"

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Allan Glass 20 yrs as us Army physician and then 10 years sas a legistlative aid , US Senate
Lucy Gwyn Du Pertinsocial worker to english composition teacher
Terrence Edward Dwyerhad been CEO of medical peer review organization in New York and Virginia, now a journalist in Iowa
Charles Estes retired university counsel for U of New Mexico now director of "Explorer" and interactive science center in Albuquerque
Christina Gresser Maslach professor at Berkeley specializes in job burnout
Susan Hurwitz retired from corporate work to local town govt and environmentalist
Fay Hannon financial advisor to artist
Bobby Leolawyer to inventor of baseball pitching machine, now CEO of company that sells them
Walter McClennen high school principal and asst. superintendent to historical writer
Robert Nortonretired surgeon now a high school biology teacher
William Young 3 years in banking, now a tutor with Outward Bound
William Charles Stone lawyer to advising Boston public school kids on college financial aid
Jeffrey Alan Lipkin venture advisor to Artist
Peter Stephen Rodman Anthropology professor to builder of acoustic guitars

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