Different Career Paths

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(John) Chick Colony - developed an old textile village in NH, builds furniture
Susan Fisher - retired linguistics professor, now researching asian sign language
Gilbert Doctorow - marketing and computers, etc. in Russia
William Bunting - Maine farmer and maritime writer
Colin Canham - carpenter
Anne Dunbar Watson - picture restorer and framer
Larry Gonick - cartoonist - see his website
Yekhiel Gruber Bar Chaim - Country director for the Czech Republic, Tunisia, and Algeria for American Joint Distribution Center
Sarah Mather Wayer - librarian, Philological Bibliotech, University of Berlin
Arklay Ford King - sound engineer, extremely varied career
Derek Reist - oil painter / artist see some of his paintings
John Rosenberg - Head coach, Munich Cowboys - part of NFL Europe see his bio.
Ken Mallory - natural history writer and photographer see his bio and works
John Peter Oleson - underwater archeologist, studying roman ceneter technologt and sunken roman ruins, also teaches latin and New Testament greek, University Professor, Univ of Victoria, BC
Franklin Bowles - art dealer see his galleries

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