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The HAA Reunion Attendance Manager enables users of the site to add/remove themselves from the list of classmates who hope/plan to attend the active reunion. The back end of the manager allows the administrator to make changes that affect the active reunion and the messages displayed in the front end.

The back end is accessed at Joomla->Components->HAA Reunion Attendance Manager. There you will find the following settings:

Reunion Year: This sets the active reunion year. That is, the year of your next reunion.

Reunion Attendees List Description: This is the text that appears at the top of the 'Reunion attendees' list. You should change that text here, rather than in Community Builder->List Management. The reason is that the Community Builder List Management page will strip out any html you include in the description. Since we want to include a link to the pages that let the user add or remove themselves from the list, that won't work.

You can also set parameters for the Component. You do so by clicking the "Parameters" icon in the main menu bar. The available parameters are:

HAA admin user id: Not currently used.

HAA admin password: Not currently used.

Text for registered users: This message appears when a user who has registered for a reunion - that is sent in the formal registration paperwork - tries to change his/her status through the site.

If you don't want to use this feature, a simple way to disable it is to remove the link from the 'Reunion Attendees List Description'.

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