How to install a newly configured template

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The following instructions will allow you to install a freshly configured template into a CPanel-based hosting site. The install files consist of a file and a sql backup called modifiedModel.sql.

  • Use cPannel->Databases->MySQL Database Wizard to create a new database with the name hrclassNN, where NN is the class year. (cPannel will automatically prefix this with xxx_, where xxx is the first eight letters of the site name. If there are fewer then eight letters, use them all. So for example would end up as: hr65_hrclass65
    • Set the user to ‘Joomla’ and use the password you chose in when your site was configured
    • When asked which privileges to assign, check “All Privileges”.
  • Copy the file to the root of your server (public_html) and decompress it there using cPannel->File Manager->public_html and use the “Extract” option on the tool bar.
  • Delete
  • Use cPannel->Databases->phpMyAdmin to import modifiedModel.sql
  • Use cPannel->Databases->MySQLDatabases to add Joomla to hrclassxx
  • Use CPanel->Mail->Email Accounts to create email accounts for admin@yoururl, webmaster@yoururl, and registration@yoururl.
  • Use CPanel->Mail->Forwarders to set up forwarders for the three email addresses in the prior step that point to the webmaster’s actual email address.
  • Test the site by accessing all the pages; registering a new user; and sending private email from one user to another.

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