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PHPList is a powerful and complete email list program in its own right. The documentation on the PHPList home site is excellent. Here's a short run down on where the configuration takes place and some issues you might run into if you try to use more of PHPList's features.

The main configuration file for PHPList is .\lists\config\config.php. You can not change these settings through the Web interface and must alter them in the file itself.

Other, less fundamental,configuration settings can be changed by clicking on "configure" in the PHPList main menu. Still others can be reached through the "setup" System Function on the "main page". Be aware that you can change the admin password here, but it will not change the password in your Joomla web site. If you want to keep the passwords the same you must change them in both places.

It might be tempting to try to use PHPList's automatic bounce processing but there are some problems. PHPList will set the "confirmed" field in the user record to 0 after a configured number of bounces. Unfortunately, we have used the "confirmed" field to record the Web site user's opt-out request on his/her profile page. In order to make this work, we would have to either configure PHPList to use the "blacklist" field in place of the "confirmed" field, or we would have to make the same change in the Website.

PHPList also has front end pages that allow users to subscribe or unsubscribe from lists. These might be useful if you are maintaining lists other than just the users of your Web site. You might, for example, have a list of classmates regardless of whether they are registered users of the Web site. Do let us know if you try this and how you make out!

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