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To create a new article or edit an existing article go to: Joomla->Content->Article Manager

You can edit existing articles by clicking on their Title. To add a new article click the "New" icon in the top right.

Enter the Title of the article; leave the Alias field blank.

You must select a Section and Category. For most purposes it's probably fine to choose "Uncategorized". If you do set up and use Sections and Categories you can use them to display multiple articles on the same page.

The existing pages in the Template use the font "Georgia".

To add your article to the menu system

If you want a link to your article to appear in the menu system, you must create a new menu item that points to the article.

To create a link to your new article that is not part of the menu system

The basic format for a link to an artilce in the system is:

To build a link you need to substitute your url for 'yoururl' in the sample. (, for example.) You also need to set a value for the id (shown as nn) and the Itemid (shown as mm).

The id identifies the article. You can find the id for your article by going to: Joomla->Content->Article Manager and locating your article. The id is in the last column under the heading 'id'.

The itemid tells the system which menu item you have come from. This may seem a bit strange, since you are building a link and not a menu item but the system needs to have a menu item to determine the page layout and the access privoieges. The main practical implication is that if you use the itemid for the home page (usually 1) then the search box will be included on the page. If you use the itemid for another page then the search box won't be included. You can find the itemid for a particular menu item by going to: Joomla->Menus and clicking on the name of the menu where your item appears. The itemid is in the last column.

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