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Last updated 5/29/2014

There are major changes between Joomla 2.5 and 3.x. Here's the status of the components we use:

  • Community Builder 1.9.1 is compatible with 3.1 and is installed on sites.
  • Upgraded GMaps Pro 1.0 to work with Joomla 1.6. We are on our own here.
  • Event List. Beta version 1.0.2 works in 1.6. JEM has forked the project and may be working on 3.0. (But it doesn't look as though much is going on.)
  • Expose Prive - Look for a new gallery and write conversion program.
  • Kunena - 3.x compatible. Installed on all sites.
  • Sticky Message Pro - New paid version available that runs on 3.x. Incompatible with older templates. Will need to install 3.x version after upgrading sites, since 2.5 version is different. Installed 2.5 on all sites.
  • CB Mailing - we've edited so heavily we will have to deal with it.
  • Google Analytics Bridge - seems to be gone but there are lots of 3.x-compatible modules to do the same thing.
  • Google Verify - seems to be gone but there are lots of 3.x-compatible modules.
  • CB Photo Gallery - Latest version supports 3.x. Installed on all sites.
  • Alternate Home works in 1.5 Native. Modified xml, works in 1.6. Need to check in 3.x
  • All Videos. Latest version works in 3.x
  • Login Redirect - Need to test
  • Add yourself to the reunion attendees - Modified to work in 3.x. Installed on all sites.
  • Summary reunion list - Tested OK 5/9
  • HAA Reunion Mgr admin - Tested OK 5/9
  • HAA Reunion CB plugin - Tested OK 5/9
  • HAA Spam filter - Tested OK 5/9
  • Lavinya6 Template: Will have to create a new template.

Also we need to develop a conversion program to migrate the existing sites onto the new version. This will be a fairly complicated process.

As expected a preliminary upgrade to 3.3 fails miserably. It looks like it will take a lot of work to get this going. The first version of 3.x that will be offered long-term support is 3.5. Probably we should wait for that to come along.

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